As the school expanded more room was needed. In 1974 the Lower Primary was built and in 1985 the Upper Primary was completed.The Loreto story begins with Mary Ward, an Englishwoman who lived in the late 16th and early 17th Centuries. A woman of her time and culture, she refused to be limited by the boundaries set by these. She dealt with Popes, Emperors, Cardinals and Bishops at a time when women were hardly meant to be seen or heard outside the home. While remaining deeply loyal to the Church her conviction that God was calling her to offer the same Church a new and special gift enabled her to transcend the boundaries imposed by a post-tridentine Church and post – Reformation persecution of Catholics in England. This gift was to focus chiefly on the lack of Education and Opportunity for women. The conviction that ‘women in time to come will do great things’ gave her the courage to step out and provide a means towards the realisation of this belief.Young women were inspired to join her and soon schools for girls were opened all over Europe.