Many are the times that we engage in talking about injustices in the society but mainly referring to the injustices that are practiced against us. We rarely seek to analyze what part we play in these injustices or how we contribute to them.

Students are not exempted from this trend of reasoning even in schools. On several situations they will judge rules and regulations of the institution they are in, as unjust and perhaps disqualify them as unnecessary, without giving much thought to the reasons behind these rules and regulations especially whenever the regulations fail to favor them. It is very rare that we look into ourselves as individuals when we discuss injustices.

This time I want to focus your attention on self as opposed to others! Take some time to look through what is expected of you in the different aspects of your life such as: professional line, family life, in your vocation, studies and whatever else you may consider. Then analyze whether or not you are being just in each of them. To be just is to do what is expected of you to the best of your ability. It is to do things in the way you would appreciate them done by others, they way you would value them and be pleased with the results.

Justice in your in your profession would entail being productive, committing yourself to what you do so that it brings out its most benefits. In essence it involves doing what is expected of you and what you would expect of others if they were in your position. Do not be like the ‘scribes and the Pharisees ‘who load it over others but do not lift a finger themselves Matthew 23:4

For the students, justice applies in your studies too. To be just you need to commit your time and be thorough in order to produce befitting results that which you will also be proud of. Otherwise when a student does mediocre work, he/she is practicing an injustice: injustice to the parents who sacrifice to do their part in ensuring that the student is in school, injustice to the teachers who commit their time and energy to share their knowledge and actually an injustice to God who has endowed the student with intelligence and different abilities.

In terms of family, one is also expected to play their role in establishing and holding values that keep the family together. It is important that the elders provide safety that builds up a sense of belonging to the family. In case any of the members works towards disunity in the family or fails to put effort in building bonds within the family, it would be a great injustice.

See to the different ways that you as an individual practice injustices in any arena and start doing the expected. Act justly and live humbly with all and with your God as prophet Micah reminds us. ‘You have been told o man, what is good and what the Lord requires of you; only to do right and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God.’ Micah 6:8. Injustice of any kind therefore displeases God. To please the Lord, ‘break the unjust fetters and undo the thongs of the yoke’ Isaiah 58:6. It is necessary to loosen the chains of injustices within us so that we gain the freedom that can lead us to the best of ourselves.